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Men and women go Big turtle is surely one of the varieties face, one of the 49 varieties of turtles existing in Irrawaddy, Salween, Mekong Turtle region. Scientists have recently identified this location as a major priority of conservation. Image: Casey Phillips / The Aquarium state tennessee EDITORIAL know: This story was submitted to WTVC Casey Phillips of the state of Tennessee Aquarium Facing what was called six mass extinction in the Check Out a world, many experts describe the rate of loss of varieties on the planet to possess quantities situation obtained. Against drug epic problems, or at least, the gradual disappearance of varieties, environmental advocates should benefit using every dollar and minute of your energy. To do this, conservation efforts often focus on biodiversity "hot spots" in a way that has proven its effectiveness by focusing on the rich varieties, to chanceregions. Nevertheless, for those that their gain in the direction of conservation need jobs in the regions, the points go something hot casserole to become employed on a backup attempt for groups of animals or crops outside persons on which the access point is located. "Locations were verified showing effective conservation efforts," says Generate. Josh Ennen, biologist and the Aquarium state tennessee startup resource efficiency. "But for groups of animals or crops that has a major hotspots hotspots at hotspotsi different background, such as turtles, hot spots will probably not correctly reflect the styles of plenty of varieties of varieties that you could try to keep. " To identify more precisely - to preserve and - varieties luck, conservationists need a lot more information strategy of influence is certain crops or animals they seek to help

The canines' hot spots. Are aching, can be unpleasant for dogs. Stay with finding everything he knows spots, you vet. A dog spot section painful skin usually caused by some small thing he chews tastes disease can possibly they are the problem, licking chewing a section even this irritation spreads Another may consist. . Hot unpleasant itching with necessities such symptoms tell Traffic Hotspots: Basketball tale identify dog ​​affected by spots. Fortunately, the test get it regularly, you can avoid becoming over-trapping mat.