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Industry ink: Jeannie Seely, Nate Smith, Corey Kent, Music Group sincerely

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Recently, the Chicago United Center Natesmith Wilkes Barre was of an amazing concert featuring thomas rhett, cole swindell, and nate smith. This triple-bill of country music stars was not to be missed!
thomas rhett was the headliner, and he put on a stunning show. His vocals were powerful and his performance was energetic and engaging. His setlist was varied and included some of his biggest hits, as well as some lesser-known songs. His performance was a great reminder of why he is one of country music's biggest stars.
cole swindell was just as impressive as rhett. His setlist was a great mix of both older and newer songs, and his stage presence was just as strong as rhett's. His vocals were spot-on, and the crowd was clearly loving his performance.
nate smith was the surprise of the evening his opening set was a great start to the night. And his vocals were powerful and engaging.
in conclusion, the Chicago United Center was the perfect venue for this amazing show. Thomas rhett, cole swindell, and nate smith all put on incredible performances, and it was a night that country music fans won't soon forget. Highly recommended!